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Terms & Conditions

Your access, use and make purchase on CORTINAWATCH.ONLINE (the “Website”) is subject to the following terms and conditions and all applicable laws. By accessing and browsing the Website, you accept without limitation or qualification this Terms of Use Agreement. Cortina Watch (“the Company” “we” “us”) commits to exercise reasonable care in ensuring that the contents of its website are accurate and updated to the best of its knowledge. We reserves the right to correct the Website content at any time and without warning. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision, thoroughness or completeness of the information available on this site.


Please read the terms and conditions of this Agreement carefully before the customer registration process and/or placing your order with us. By completing the customer registration process and/or placing an order on the Website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of this Agreement and agree to be bound by the same.


1. Registration


1.1 You must be 18 years of age or older, or of the legitimate age to own a principal credit card account, to register an account on the Website. By placing an order on the Company’s website, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old. If you intentionally or unintentionally misrepresent your age in order to make a purchase, we reserve the right to cancel the order with or without prior notice sent to you.

1.2 It is your responsibility to ensure that changes to your personal details are updated should there be any changes.

1.3 The Company reserves the right to suspend or cancel your registration without giving any reasons.

1.4 You may cancel your registration at any time by informing us in writing via email or contact form on the Website.

1.5 The suspension or cancellation of your registration, and your right to use the Company’s website shall not affect either party’s statutory rights.


2. Password and Security


2.1 On registration, you will be asked to set a password that is highly secured. To prevent fraud and misuse of account, you must not disclose to or share this password with anyone. If you know or suspect that someone knows your password, you shall be responsible for changing it immediately. You are encouraged to change or reset your password regularly.


2.2 If we have reason to believe there has been a breach of security or misuse of the account, we may require you to change your password or may suspend your account without prior notice to you.


3. Availability of Products


3.1 All orders placed on the Website are subject to the Company’s acceptance of the order and availability of the products at the point of intended purchase. For products that are out of stock and unavailable to add to cart, you may add the products to Wishlist or choose to be notified when the inventory was replenished on the Website.


3.2 In the event that the products ordered are not available after the order was completed successfully, the Company shall contact you through the means you have provided to inform you of alternative options.


4. Price


4.1 Prices quoted for all products are based on the Retail Selling Price in Singapore currency.


4.2 All prices will be charged in Singapore dollars (SGD) and subject to change without prior notice.

4.3 The online exchange rates provided in the website are intended as indication only and should not be used for transactional purposes. All rates are subject to change from time to time and the rate at the point of purchase prevails.


4.4 Prices quoted for all products do not include delivery charges.


4.5 Prices quoted for all products do not include tax and duty.


4.6 Prices and promotions in Website may vary with what are being offered in the boutique.


4.7 In the event that you are overcharged by mistake for any product, you shall be refunded the difference.

4.8 If, by mistake, the Company under-priced any Goods or service:

4.8.1 The Company shall not be liable to provide that product to you at the wrongly stated price provided that the Company notifies you before it dispatches the  product; and


4.8.2 The Company may cancel your order and refund you within 30 working days any payments you have made; or


4.8.3 You may agree to pay the correct price of the product in which case the Company shall proceed with your order.



5.1 You shall make full payment for the product upon placement of your order on the Company’s website.


5.2 Delivery of your order will only be made once full payment for the Goods has been received by the Company.


5.3 When you submit an Order and made full payment for the products, your Order represents an offer to us to purchase the products. This does not mean that your Order has been accepted.

5.3.1 The Company reserves the right to decline acceptance of your order.


5.3.2 If we accept your Order, we will confirm our acceptance by sending you an e-mail (Order Confirmation).


5.4 Orders can be paid by credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Unionpay) and you would be directed to an established and secured third party payment processor for payment to be processed.


5.5 All payments are subject to processing by third party payment processors, and the approval of the relevant credit card company and the relevant paying bank. We shall not be liable in any way if the payment processor, Credit Card Company or the paying bank refuses to process or accept any card or card particulars for any reason.


5.6 We reserve the right to obtain validation of your payment details before providing you with the products.


5.7 The Company does not capture any of your credit card details on the Website, however tokenisation of your card will take place at the secured third party payment gateway and tokenisation details will be stored on Website if you are a registered account user, to facilitate quick cart-out process for your next purchase.


5.8 We reserve the right to exercise our lawful remedies if a dispute or issue arises over card payments, or if we do not receive full payment for an Order. In particular, but without limitation to any other remedies, if the credit card company or the paying bank rejects or reverses payment for an Order, we may in any discretion:

5.8.1 reject such Order, or suspend or cancel such Order;


5.8.2 repossess the products if delivered; or


5.8.3 bring a claim against you for the full price of the Order as a debt


6. Your Cancellation Rights


6.1 You may request to cancel your order within 24 hours of placing your order on the Website, provided you have notified the Company in writing before the delivery of the products has been made.


6.2 In the event that your order has been successfully cancelled, the Company shall refund you within 30 working days any payments made with respect to the cancelled order. For avoidance of doubt, a working day referred to in this Agreement is any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday in the Republic of Singapore.


7. The Company's Cancellation Rights


7.1 The Company reserves the right to cancel an order placed by you if:

7.1.1 The Company does not have sufficient stock of the relevant Goods to complete your order; or


7.1.2 The Company has identified an error in the price or description of the Goods as provided in Clause 4.8 herein; or


7.1.3 The Company does not deliver to your area; or


7.1.4 On written notice by the Company, your order has been cancelled for a reason not listed above.


7.2 You shall be notified by email if the Company cancels your order. The Company shall provide a full refund within 30 working days if payment has been made.


8. Delivery of Products


8.1 Your Order will be processed in 1 day after full payment was received by the Company without any situation arising that prevents us to proceed with processing.


8.2 We will confirm the delivery details via an Order in Delivery email prior to the delivery. Delivery of the products will be made thereafter and you shall receive the products usually within the next 1-3 days depending on your location, unless otherwise stated or communicated.


8.3 Delivery timing will subject to the courier’s delivery hours.


8.4 All delivery dates and times are estimated and The Company shall not be liable for any delay in delivery, however caused.


8.5 Whilst the Company makes every effort to deliver your products on time, the Company shall not be liable if it fails to do so in part or in full due to unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, fire, natural disasters, future law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, Act of God, or failure of the third party provider in connection with the performance of this Agreement.


8.6 In the event that delivery is delayed due to any unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to the unforeseen circumstances listed above, the Company shall contact you to arrange an alternative delivery time.


8.7 The products shall be delivered to the address specified on your order.


8.8 The products shall be signed for at the time of delivery. Anyone at the address specified on your order who receives the products shall be presumed by the Company or its agents to be authorized to receive the products on your behalf.


8.9 In circumstances where no persons are available to sign for the delivery of the products at the address specified on your order, the Company shall contact you to make alternative arrangement.

8.10 The Company reserves the right to charge for costs incurred for re-delivery of orders that have not been completed due to your provision of incorrect information of the address specified on your order or where no persons are available to take receipt of the delivery at the address specified on your order.

8.11 Once the products have been delivered, they shall be held at your own risk and the Company shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to the products.

8.12 Delivery charges will be absorbed by the Company for delivery to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Said delivery charges exclude import taxes that might be incurred for delivery to some destinations, such charges are additional to the order and shall be payable by you. For more information, please contact the Company.

8.13 Cortina Watch is obliged to adhere to particular shipping restriction. As such, we are unable to delivery certain products to certain destinations. This shall be indicated clearly on the Website for applicable products on their respective product detail pages and checkout page.

8.14 Please note that delivery during festive seasons such as Christmas and New Year might be slower than usual.

9. Delivery Options and Charges


9.1 Standard and Specified Date services: The Company offers a free delivery service to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand upon confirming your order and receiving full payment for the products. Please refer to the Delivery of Products under Clause 8.


9.2 Standard Collection Service: The Company offers a free self-collection service from any of the Company’s boutiques in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. You would be able to choose your collection point during item checkout.


9.3 Please bring an identification document for identification purposes. The Company may refuse to provide you the products if it is not able to verify your identity.


9.4 The products shall be available for collection at the chosen boutique after 2 days from the date of purchase and should be collected within the next 14 days, after which it shall be returned to the Company’s logistic department.

10. Returns & Exchange


10.1 The Company is committed to providing its customers with an unsurpassed level of service and is equally committed to ensuring it provides product of quality. If any of the products thereof has been ascertained by the Company to be not of the right quality of the product ordered, the Company shall offer an exchange for the same product.


10.2 For all purchases made on the Website, we will provide an exchange within 7 days of receipt of delivery, provided merchandise has not been worn, altered, damaged or special-ordered. All claims, returns, battery replacement, or warranty service must be accompanied by your invoice, original watch box and warranty materials. Shipping costs will not be refunded.


10.3 If any products have been kept for more than 7 days or stored inappropriately by you, the Company may not offer an exchange.


10.4 If you believe any products to be not of the right quality, please email the Company at and we shall make arrangements to have the said products collected and tested. We regret to inform you that we do not accept returns if:

10.4.1 Damage of the product is due to improper use or handling by recipient;


10.4.2 Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) is not requested within seven 7 calendar days of delivery;


10.4.3 Damage of the product is due to subjecting it to unusual or inappropriate physical, environmental or electrical stress; or


10.4.4 Product has been modified without our authorisation.


10.5 Should the received products are incorrect or the products or any part thereof are damaged, broken and/or not the right quality of the products ordered, the Company shall cover and refund the cost of returning and re-delivering the said products.



11. Liability


11.1 You shall notify the Company if you do not receive your products within 7 days from the specified delivery date. Upon notification, the Company shall contact you to inform you of your options. The Company’s liability to you for non-delivery of purchased products is limited to the payment you made for the products.


11.2 The Company shall not be liable for any fault or deterioration in the products it sells to you after its delivery to you as a result of fair wear and tear, wilful damage, accident, negligence by you or any third party, or from your inappropriate handling or storage.


11.3 Neither party shall be liable to the other for any loss resulting from a breach of the Agreement unless when the Agreement was made, that loss was foreseeable to both parties as a consequence of the breach.


11.4 In the event that you breach any of the terms and conditions stated in this Agreement herein, you shall indemnify the Company against all legal costs and related expenses arising therefrom on a full indemnity basis or to the full extent permitted by law.


11.5 Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this Agreement is intended to or shall limit any rights you might have as a consumer under applicable laws or other statutory rights and that they shall not be excluded nor in any way exclude or limit the Company’s liability to you for any death or personal injury resulting from the Company’s negligence.



12. Intellectual Property


12.1 The Company owns the Website – unless otherwise stated, users shall assume that all contents shared on the Website (such as images, photographs, including person represented in the photographs, icons, texts, or video) are protected by legislation on copyrights, trademark and in general intellectual property rights.


12.2 You are not authorized to copy, modify, sell, reproduce, distribute, display, publicly perform, report or otherwise prepare derivative or second hand works based on or use any Material – the Content and Code – in any way for any public or commercial purposes. The content published on this site is authorized only for information purposes and exclusively for personal and private use.


12.3 For any links provided on the Website to other sites, the Company shall not be responsible for the content of the third party site linked to or from the Website and we make no representations and disclaim all warranties.


12.4 If you print, copy or download any part of our Website in breach of these terms of use, your right to use our Website will cease immediately and you must, at our request, return or destroy any copies of the materials you have made.


13. Notices


13.1 Unless otherwise expressly stated in the terms and conditions provided herein, all notices from you to the Company must be in writing and addressed to the Company.


13.2 All notices from the Company to you shall be displayed on the Company’s website from time to time.


14. Other Service, Exclusive offers etc.


14.1 From time to time, the Company may offer other services, special offers, discounts, or promotions not specifically referred to in the terms and conditions provided herein. Such matters shall be subject, in addition to the terms and conditions provided herein, to additional terms and conditions. By accepting the services, special offers, discounts, or promotions, you agree to be bound by such additional terms and conditions.


14.2 Please read the promotional terms attached to each offer carefully before enjoying the promotion.


14.3 Please note that some promotions are only applicable to certain brands, collections, timepieces, or even individuals.


15. Changes to Terms & Conditions


15.1 The Company reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of this Agreement as and when it considers such changes appropriate without prior notice to you. Thus by using this Website, you accept the review of these Terms and Conditions on a regular basis.


15.2 Any variation to the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be effective immediately upon them being posted on the Company’s website. If the variation is unacceptable to you, you shall cease to use the Company’s website; if you continue to use the Company’s website following such variation, you shall be deemed to have accepted the variation.



16. Third Party Rights


16.1 Nothing in this Agreement is intended to, nor shall it confer any rights on a third party.


16.2 This Agreement is personal to you and you may not transfer, assign, or delegate this Agreement to anyone without the express written permission from the Company. Any attempt by you to assign, transfer, or delegate this Agreement without the express written permission from the Company shall be null and void.



17. Insurance for Goods


17.1 The Company shall be responsible for insuring the products until their delivery to the customer and/or instructions for receipt have been completed, subject to Clauses 8 and 9 of this Agreement provided herein.


18. Provision are Severable


18.1 Each provision of this Agreement is severable; if any one or more provisions contained in this Agreement shall be deemed invalid, unlawful or unenforceable in any respect under any applicable law, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions contained herein shall not in any way be affected or impaired.


19. Governing Jurisdiction


19.1 This Term of Use Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore and any dispute arising out of or in connection with it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Singapore.